John P.

Dear TheraJoy, I want to let you know, just how amazing your product, TheraJoy Massage Oil & Salve, works for me. I have been suffering with low back pain for several years due to bulging discs, along with stenosis of my spine. I also have a triple bucket handle tear of the cartilage in my… Read more “John P.”

Daniela P.

I just want to say thank you for the relief TheraJoy gives me. I don’t have as much pain as I used to have (and that was tough because even 600mg ibuprofen didn’t help as much anymore). So again, I wanted to say thank your everything. You’re all wonderful!

Hannah Y.

I suffer from particularly severe menstrual cramps, and after trying literally everything, I finally stumbled upon your CBD topical. It’s amazing. Now, I use CBD directly on my lower stomach whenever I need it. You guys get 5 stars.



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