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What Are The Preventive Health Benefits Of A Daily CBD Regime?

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A daily dose of CBD may be exactly what you need. CBD, or cannabidiol, is an exciting natural cannabinoid found in the stalk and seed of cannabis plants like hemp with some amazing preventative health benefits.

How can CBD help you? When used as a dietary supplement, CBD can keep your body running at its best. In this article, we discuss the preventive health benefits of daily CBD use.

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Daily CBD Regime?

Man Drinks Water At The Gym, Credit: Stock Photography
Man Drinks Water At The Gym

A daily dose of CBD may be exactly what you need. CBD, or cannabidiol, is an exciting natural cannabinoid found in the stalk and seed of cannabis plants like hemp with some amazing preventative health benefits.

What is CBD?

If you are new to CBD, or cannabidiol, here is a brief introduction.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an exciting natural cannabinoid found in the stalk and seed of cannabis plants like hemp. Cannabinoids are the natural compounds that are responsible for the various effects that cannabis products can provide.

You’ve likely heard of the cannabinoid THC, right? That’s the cannabinoid found in marijuana products that causes a high. CBD is the other major cannabinoid found in cannabis, but unlike THC, it’s non-psychoactive and won’t make you high. There are over 100 cannabinoids in cannabis that have so far been identified.

While CBD is but one of many cannabinoids, there’s a reason why more and more people are adding CBD into their daily health regimens. When used as a dietary supplement, CBD can keep your body running at its best.

Thankfully, CBD is naturally abundant in hemp, so it can be easily extracted from the plant in the form of a type of cannabis oil – CBD oil.

What is CBD?

For those that are interested in learning more about CBD, you can refer to the article “What is Cannabidiol or CBD?“.

Man Meditating By The Water, Credit: Stock Photography
Man Meditating By The Water

The Health Benefits Of Daily CBD Use

In a previous article, “Why CBD Should Be Part of Your Beauty Regime“, we discussed using CBD as part of your daily beauty regime to treat a number of skin related issues including acne, dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis, in this article, we will discuss additional health benefits of daily CBD use.

While there has been significant media coverage about the potential of cannabidiol (CBD) to be a powerful alternative medicine, it might surprise you to find out CBD is not just for use during acute illnesses. As a daily supplement, it offers some serious protection against the daily onslaught of environmental and psychological stressors so common to modern living.

  • Relieves Daily Stress and Anxiety
  • Relieves Headache and Migraines
  • Good for Maintaining Heart Health
  • Improves Sleep Cycles
  • Maintains Healthy Skin

What Are the Health Benefits of a Daily CBD Oil Regimen?

Woman Applies Real Revolution Real Serum for Face, Credit: Stock Photography
Woman Applies Real Revolution Real Serum for Face

Encouraging Homeostasis With CBD

According to Wikipedia, homeostasis is “the state of steady internal conditions maintained by living things. This dynamic state of equilibrium is the condition of optimal functioning for the organism and includes many variables, such as body temperature and fluid balance, being kept within certain pre-set limits.” A daily regime of CBD can encourage homeostasis and thus improve the overall quality of life.

There are a number of benefits to taking a daily serving of CBD, but the most prominent among them is that the natural non-psychoactive compound helps augment the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids to encourage balance and homeostasis. When absorbed by the body, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating a number of the body’s functions, including sleep, mood, appetite, and immune function. CBD supplements the body’s own endocannabinoids to improve the endocannabinoid system’s ability to maintain balance despite outside fluctuations and influences.

CBD and other trace cannabinoids found in hemp oil work together in what’s referred to as the “entourage effect” to provide their balancing effects. These balancing properties have shown to potentially suppress seizure activity, combat psychosis disorders, fight tumor cells, battle depression, and protect brain cells. CBD is therefore becoming increasingly sought after by families faced with serious diseases, like epilepsy, cancer, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.

But the homeostasis-encouraging properties of daily CBD are also beneficial to everyone, regardless of a health diagnosis. Studies have found that CBD improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and improves cognition. Cannabinoid use has also been found to be associated with a reduced risk of developing metabolic syndrome, a health condition that includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat, and abnormal cholesterol levels.

Benefits of CBD as a Daily Supplement

The CBD Build-up

For most therapeutic benefits, to maximize the efficiency of CBD, a build-up of CBD must first be achieved.

With that said, many benefits of a highly functioning endocannabinoid system are not fully experienced right away. CBD, like all cannabinoids, build up in the body over time and can even stimulate an increase in cannabinoid receptors. With more cannabinoid receptors, the endocannabinoid system becomes more active and more sensitive to stimulation by cannabinoids. Consistently taking a “daily dose” of CBD oil helps maintain a sustained level of CBD in your system and promotes an effective endocannabinoid system.

Here’s Why It’s Best to Take CBD Oil Everyday

This means as a CBD user, you should temper your expectations accordingly.

If you haven’t tried CBD yet, start taking advantage of the documented preventive health benefits of CBD today.

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Remember, always consult your doctor before you begin taking a supplement or make any changes to your existing medication and supplement routine. This blog post is not intended to be medical advice, but it is information you can use as a conversation-starter with your doctor at your next appointment.

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